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How to Send a Fax from Online

How to Send a Fax from Online

Before knowing How to Send a Fax from Online, it is normal that with all the advancement in technology, emails, social networks and instant messaging, among many other advances, we are surprised that there is still talk of sending or receiving a Fax, and that the use of the Fax has not disappeared and that it has an important value for some companies and sectors.

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For people looking to solve a specific need to send an Internet fax, then keep reading as I am going to start explaining how it works, because sending a fax (in the traditional way) may be a bit more complicated these days, but yes nostalgia or bureaucracy demand it, the Internet is here to help you.

Send a Fax from Online

The first thing you have to know is that you can send a fax through your email, when we read this for the first time, the first thing we think is why not send an email then? since we can send and receive documents through email, and without the need to hire additional services.

The great value of the use of the Fax is not sending or receiving documents, which you could do from an email, but the great difference is in the security and certainty that the recipient has received the fax with the documents, when sending a fax we have the security of having an acknowledgment of receipt which is a legal document.

Send Free Internet Fax

To be able to send a free Internet Fax you need to first find and register on a platform or website for free faxes, generally they are not for companies that use fax daily in their management, since they do not have features that guarantee the security and traceability of faxes, they only allow you to send through a fax number that all users use, normally your faxes will arrive with the platform logo and it does not allow you to receive faxes, but they do allow you to send a couple of them a month for free without much hassle.

Send Internet Fax with a Cloud Solution

These platforms are very inexpensive for those who need to send and receive faxes frequently, in short, these solutions do two things mainly, first they assign you a fax number, which can be your lifelong fax number or choose a number of the country of preference, which will be the number where you can receive your faxes, and the other thing they do is register your email where your faxes will arrive or from where you will send faxes, with this information: fax number and email, the application is ready so you can send and receive your faxes from your email account.

How Internet faxing works

To receive Faxes, what the platform does is send you to your email that you registered all the faxes that arrive at the fax number assigned to you by the platform when you signed up, that is how easy you receive the faxes in your email.

To send Faxes, what you use is an email address that the platform gives you, in which you add at the beginning (before the at sign) the fax number where you want to send the fax, for example, in the eComFax platform it would be like this: [destination fax number] @ That is the address to which you send the mail with the fax you want to send.

When the platform receives the email that you sent from your email, it understands which user you are, because you previously registered that email when you signed up for the platform, and with the fax number that you placed at the beginning (before the at sign) of the address e-mail platform knows which number to send that fax to.

Send Fax by Gmail or any email How does it work?

The only thing you have to do beforehand to be able to send a fax through Gmail or from any other email account is to have registered in the virtual fax platforms, the rest of the fax sending process is very similar to send an email, like any of the ones you send daily.

After you have registered, you just have to open your Gmail and click to “compose” an email. After the interface to write the message opens, just follow the 3 steps below and you will have already sent a fax by Gmail:

  1. The first thing is to say to which fax number you want to send the fax from your email, that is done by most platforms, including eComFax, adding the platform’s personalized address in the destination email. For example, put the destination email like this, To:
  2. Then you attach the documents you want to send as a fax.
  3. And finally, you click the send button and that’s it!

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June 16, 2021

Author: José Luis Pérez