Cisco Webex®

eComFax® eBot for Webex®

If sending and receiving from email seemed easy, at eComFax® we have gone further and created eBot for Cisco Webex®, you can send and receive all types of faxes and SMS with just a couple of clicks, simplifying the use of fax in corporate environments.

eBot allows you to unify your communications in a single application, calls, video calls, conferences, messages and now also fax, SMS and advanced messaging.

Faster, more convenient.

All in one

Send, receive, and download faxes. Receive your notifications and check your traffic list from your account, all from your Cisco Webex® application.


Choose how to talk to eBot, send and receive faxes in one sentence with simple commands or use our cards for a more visual interaction.

Smartphone or Tablet

Don't stay offline, download the Cisco Webex® Application on any of your devices and send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere.

Webex® Rooms and eComFax®

Need more than one person in your team to have access to your fax? Create a Group with your employees and add eBot, all members will receive the faxes, but only the Webex® account will be able to send them.

Locate your faxes easily

Need to find a fax quickly? Go to your eBot conversation or the Group in which eBot is included and look under 'Content', you will easily find all the faxes you have sent and received through eBot.

Use eComFax® right away

Once you have your eComFax® account, search for eComFax® in your Webex® browser, talk to him and start sending and receiving faxes right away, he will guide you if needed.


No, once you have created your eComFax® account with the same email associated to your Cisco Webex® account, search for eComFax® in Applications, click on eComFax® Bot and start sending and receiving faxes and SMS's immediately.

No, only the email associated with the eComFax® account and Webex® at the same time will have access to the eBot. It is possible to create groups and add to the eComFax® eBot, so all members will receive notifications and faxes, but will not be able to send.

You will continue to receive faxes on your platform, however, if you have selected the eBot as the notification and reception method, you will stop receiving them by email.

An advanced messaging hub consists of a central hub or suite of communication methods designed with advanced technology and security to meet more complex business communication needs, whether for legal or security reasons.