Use eComFax® within SAP®

SAP® is an ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) that works locally or in the cloud and centralizes the management and automates routine tasks of the entire core business in a single program; from procurement, sales and finance, marketing, human resources, customer service and even analytics, used by companies to work more efficiently, cross-reference data and save on resources.

Complete your SAP® with a fax solution that is secure, reliable and complies with the strictest international security standards. Without any integration, install eComFax® directly in your SAP® and send, receive and store faxes with customers, partners and suppliers conveniently from within the program.

Save with eComFax®

Save costs on fax machines, paper and toner; with eComFax® send and receive faxes comfortably and securely from your ERP.

Completely connected

Now also with eComFax® connect all your departments with each other and with customers and give your team access. Any member of your team can send and receive faxes virtually in SAP®.

More efficient

Save time with eComFax® for SAP®, no more need for external applications or programs. All your company's data and information remain in SAP® and are accessed from SAP®.

eComFax® is committed to your security

eComFax® bases every operation and functionality on high security standards. It ensures with eComFax® that all data is encrypted and secure in both transmission and storage, while providing full traceability and proof of authenticity for auditing purposes.

eComFax® meets the most stringent regulations

We comply with the most demanding international regulations in different sectors, such as in the Healthcare sector with HIPAA, data protection in Europe with GDPR or even financial data with PCI DSS, MiFID II and the Dodd-Frank Act.

We make it easy for you

Our API is built on RESTful architecture, so if you have a different ERP from SAP®, you can integrate us using our SDK created in node.js in a faster way. In addition, we provide you with instructions and our international support team will be available if your team has difficulties.


Yes, eComFax® can be integrated with any other software, the only restriction is that you must have access to internet.

In the event that you want to use eComFax® within SAP®, no integration via API or SDK is needed, it is already done, so you only need to install it quickly in your SAP®. In case of integrating eComFax® with any other ERP system, eComFax® provides the key to access the API or SDK and your developers will complete the integration on their side.

Our API is built on RESTful architecture, and we have technical documentation with which your developers will be able to know the details of the parameters required by each functionality, their meaning, syntax and also know the information that will be returned by each method.

With either an API or a SDK you can integrate eComFax® into SAP® or any other EHR, but the main advantage of the SDK is that it is much faster and more intuitive to use (using the SDK you do in 3 lines what you would do in 100 if you used the API).

Save costs on machines, paper and toner, improve security in both the transmission and storage of your faxes, and connect your entire team to each other and to customers and partners with an easy-to-use fax solution.