eComFax® API available to partners and customers

Do you want to include your fax service in your ERP, EHR, CRM, email or any other software? We provide you with our API tool to easily integrate eComFax® into your software.

Integrate a secure and reliable fax solution that complies with the strictest international standards, eComFax® will easily become part of your corporate software or complete your product offering.

Easy integration

We provide you with technical documentation to make your integration quick and painless, our international support team will be available in case your team have difficulties.


Our API is built on RESTful architecture, being easier to integrate with third party software, we also have SDK to integrate even more easily.

Corporate integrations

Integrate eComFax® easily into ERP, CRM or EHR solutions such as SAP, Navision, Dynamics, Salesforce, Epic or Athenahealth, and send and receive faxes directly into these platforms.

eComFax® is committed to security

eComFax® bases its entire operation and functionality on high security standards. It ensures with eComFax® that all data is encrypted and secure in both transmission and storage, while providing full traceability and proof of authenticity for auditing purposes.

eComFax® meets the most stringent regulations

We comply with the most stringent international regulations in different sectors, such as HIPAA in the healthcare sector, data protection in Europe with GDPR or even financial data with PCI DSS, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank Act.

eComFax® is scalable

We store all your faxes and messages in the cloud, no matter how many up to 10 years. We adapt to your usage and number of users, scaling the usage and storage your business requires at any given time.


Yes, as long as the software is connected to the internet.

The SDK includes a short tutorial on how to import it and how to do the most basic functions. Technical documentation for all its functions is also included. However, the reference documentation for the user will always be that of the API, where you can learn the details of the parameters required by each functionality, its meaning and syntax and also know the information that will be returned by each method.

With either API or SDK you can integrate eComFax® into SAP® or any other EHR, but the main advantage of the SDK is that it is much faster and intuitive to use (using the SDK you do in 3 lines what you would do in 100 if you used the API). On the other hand, the advantage of integrating with API is that it does not depend on the programming language, you can integrate with any of them, on the other hand the SDK is limited to the language on which it is created, since it has to be the same in both software.

All requests to the API must be authorized with an Authentication header. You must obtain an API key along with a secret that must be used to generate the signature information.