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How does internet faxing work?

How does internet faxing work?

The first thing you need to know about how internet faxing works, is that it uses the same technology as traditional faxing, but through a web interface instead of a fax machine. This is a flexible and cost-efficient option for sending and receiving faxes, now that businesses are in a period of digital transformation.

Internet fax services generally assign a number to every person who has been given access the solution, this way they can send faxes to this Virtual Fax solution number via e-mail without using a fax machine.

How to send a fax through an internet fax service

  • The sender attaches a document to an e-mail. This document is then sent like a Fax. It can be a scanned or digitally created document, and in different formats.
  • The sender sends the message to the recipient´s fax number, followed by the name of the fax service. E.g.:
  • The solution processes the attachment so that it is sent and received like a fax, to the recipient.
  • The service sends the information across a telephone line.
  • The recipient´s fax machine receives and decodes the information.

How to send a fax from email using eComfax

How to receive a document from a traditional fax machine through an internet fax service.

  • The sender sends the fax to the fax number of the recipient (one provided by the virtual fax solution or their own fax number).
  • The Virtual Fax solution receives the fax, processes it in an image file and sends the image to the e-mail address of the recipient, provided by the Virtual Fax solution.
  • The recipient opens the e-mail, downloads the attachment and can view the fax that has been sent to them.

How do traditional fax machines work?

Today, you can go to almost any company, big or small, in any industry, and you will find a fax machine, connected to a telephone line. These fax machines, allow you to send documents to another person who has a fax machine. Although technology has greatly advanced, at present, it is almost impossible to carry out business without faxes.

At present, traditional fax machines are quickly being replaced by Virtual Fax solutions.

How do Virtual Fax solutions work to send and receive faxes via the internet?

Companies have continued to invest in fax machines, maintenance, equipment and consumables, even though this creates a major security hole. Now that we are in a period of digital transformation, this is changing, with more companies switching to using a service or Virtual Fax solution, which you can use to send or receive faxes via internet, without having to make large investments in teams, maintenance or consumables.

Virtual Fax solutions

Currently, there are many technological fax solutions, such as eComFax, a solution to send and to receive faxes from your e-mail or from the solution’s web page. These solutions are used like a service and based on a Pay-per-use model.

These solutions use the same protocols and basic processes of traditional faxing, but without the need for machines, telephone lines and consumables. Everything is done in digital format via Internet.

eComFax is a solution based in the Cloud, which can adapt itself to the needs of each individual company, whether you send a few faxes a year or thousands every month. With a few clicks you can set up your account, which will then be actived so that you can send or receive faxes.

Benefits of our eComFax solution:

  • Send and receive faxes by email or any web browser
  • Save costs and space: no dedicated fax machine, line, paper, toner or power consumption
  • Deliver documents with Proof of Delivery for legal compliance
  • Send Certified SMS to any international number
  • Look up keywords or specific content within your documents with our searchable PDF format
  • Use multiple formats for sending and receiving: txt, pdf, tif, jpeg, html, png.
  • Keep your fax number or choose a new one from our local or international pool
  • Confirmation of delivery and SMS alerts for your security
  • Easily scale with our Pay-per-use model that adapts to your needs
  • Geographic redundancy and data sovereignty

If you´re a company that uses fax then learn more about our eComFax solution, enquire about its plans and prices. It´s an efficient way of maintaining fax in a low cost manner, you only pay for what you need, and will be able to increase or reduce your plan at any time.

July 30, 2020

Author: José Luis Pérez