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Real Estate


The real estate industry has many players, and although real estate agents are the most common figure representing the industry, it is made up of players as disparate as credit agencies and mortgage brokers, legal professionals, construction and interior design companies, and even moving and storage companies. As a result, their communications are very heterogeneous, including offers, contracts, invoices, plans, loan applications, or tax information subject to strict data protection regulations.

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The main problem faced by real estate agents is that they conduct their business on the go, which means that they need communication methods that address this issue quickly without neglecting the security or encryption required by the nature of the data transmitted between buyers, sellers, banks and other parties. Likewise, other industry participants require a secure method of transmitting sensitive documents such as contracts and ensuring their secure delivery and safe custody to ensure their integrity and privacy.


Communication hubs such as eComFax® provide the Real Estate industry with the ability to send and receive faxes conveniently from any device with internet access. Allowing the sending of faxes to quickly send offers and counteroffers; SMS, especially useful for real estate agents to remind prospective buyers of visits; SecureFax to protect the most sensitive documents, such as contracts or loan information, by requiring the recipient to register with eComFax® for viewing; PCIFax® to protect credit card information; or CertiFax® and CertiSMS® to certify that the delivery of your documents or SMS was made at a certain date and time.

In addition, eComFax® can be used through the platform, email or even through WebEx®, as well as it allows to establish a custody period for your documents on the platform in accordance with the different regulations to which the communications may be subject.


eComFax® provides functionalities that cover the different communication needs of the industry while ensuring encryption of data both at rest and in transit and compliance with data protection regulations. eComFax® offers the convenience of being used from any time without the need to be in the office or rely on a fax machine to assume the costs and risks that this implies, in addition to a simple and quick implementation, catalyzing the adoption of telework and digital transformation.

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