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Manufacturing and Logistics


With globalization and the rise of e-commerce, promises such as "get it in 24 or 48 hours" or even "just-in-time" have pushed transportation and logistics companies to work under pressure and tight time margins to deliver. Transport companies often enter into partnerships with large national and international retailers and handle large volumes of orders, with the volume of communications involved between multiple players in the industry.

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These volumes push transport companies to use efficient and fast communication methods, while ensuring total security and encryption of data both at rest and in transit. The data transmitted between the players in this sector are very heterogeneous, such as purchase orders, invoices, payment receipts and credit and debit card information, inventory control, contracts or claims, which transmission must be effective for the proper management of the supply chain. Therefore, it is essential to have a communication method that ensures there are no failures that result in an interruption or delay and that adapts to the communication needs, such as allowing proof of delivery.


Communication hubs such as eComFax® include advanced functionalities that allow each type of data to be sent by the most appropriate means in a matter of seconds, involving not only faxing, which is a secure channel that does not allow transmissions to be intercepted thanks to its level of security and encryption, but also CertiFax® to ensure the delivery of transmissions at a specific date and time, being valid to provide evidence in a judicial process, as well as SMS to inform customers of delivery dates or CertiSMS® to prove the sending and PCIFax® to send credit and debit card information.

eComFax® can be used through the platform, email or even through WebEx® on any device, being it a desktop, a laptor, a smartphone or a tablet prior access authorization, and allows you to keep a record of all communications, as well as to establish a custody period to safeguard communications for the period of time you prefer.


eComFax® thus becomes a sustainable, efficient and easy-to-use hub for logistics and transport companies that is easy to integrate via APIs into their management software, as it not only adapts to the sector's homogeneous communication needs and its frenetic pace in all parts of the supply chain, but it also offers the convenience of being used from any time without the need to be in the office and a simple and quick implementation, joining the adoption of teleworking and channeling the digital transformation, even allowing the implementation of international fax networks to connect departments of multinationals in any country.

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