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The legal sector, consisting of defense and prosecution lawyers, courts and solicitors among others, is exposed to continuous changes that have to be communicated securely, with acknowledgement of receipt on most occasions, to the different parties in cases and processes through any material support that expresses or incorporates data, facts or narratives with evidentiary effectiveness or any other type of legal relevance.

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These notices, summons and subpoenas, many times sudden, require to be transmitted through a secure communication method in which the documents cannot be intercepted in any way, and fast given that time is a key factor in the sector. This is not only for confidentiality or security reasons but also because communications may be subject to strict data privacy regulations, the breach of which can result in severe penalties and the dilapidation of a law firm's reputation.

One method of communication that meets these transmission conditions is the traditional fax, which this industry has relied on for decades. However, the high maintenance costs of machines and servers, the risk that an outsider can access these documents while they are waiting on the machine to be picked up, or a service outage, can cause the industry a headache by not sending or receiving in time, or securely a notification that compromises the investigation and preparation phase of a trial, or the trial itself.


Far from being an obsolete technology, the fax has evolved, deploying its technology in the cloud and becoming a secure, fast and low cost and risk method, as is eComFax®, an online fax service designed with the highest security that complies with strict international data privacy regulations such as GDRP, Dodd Frank Act, FCA, MiFID II, PCI DSS or HIPAA, shielding and encrypting the transmission of legal communications and restricting the reception only to the recipient.

In the same way, eComFax® gives law firms the options to send, in addition to faxes, SecureFax® to ensure the delivery and reading of their notices and CertiFax® and CertiSMS® to certify that their communications were sent at a specific time and date. eComFax® allows to adjust the period of custody of documents in the platform to the imposed by the regulations or to their needs, and to manage securely and comfortably their communications from anywhere through any device with internet access.


eComFax® enables the legal sector to efficiently meet its specific communication needs and confidentiality, while implementing advanced aspects and functionalities that go beyond the traditional use of fax, providing the sector with an adapted and efficient communication hub.

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