Maintaining an essential service between you and the world with fax, while saving you time and money.

eComFax® is a Virtual Fax and Advanced Messaging Service

Send and receive faxes to and from anyone in the World by using any device that has Internet Access.

  • Compliance with the highest security standards
  • Multiple fax features
  • Custody features
  • Send SMS

Quick to start

Fast sign up. Choose the plan that best suits your business needs and start faxing right away. Make adjustments when you need it.

Multiple devices

No longer just one machine. Send and receive from the office, at home or on the go using your desktop, tablet or smartphone anytime you need.


Help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy costs. Zero waste, no fax machine, no paper, no toner and no maintenance costs.

Industries already using eComFax


We understand the healthcare sector requires compliance with the highest security standards so that transmitting data through a fax becomes a strategic and essential aspect for everyone.

  • eComFax® is fully HIPAA compliant
  • BAA’s signed for your records
  • eComFax® may be integrated in your EHR/EMR

Law Services

Lawyers and attorneys send and receive sensitive and confidential data, also they need these documents to be legal before a judge and meet their requirements.

  • Proven reliability, certified faxes and proof of read
  • Set several users in case of urgency or absence, the documentation is still received
  • Manage the custody period of your faxes with eComFax®

Manufacturing and Logistics

The manufacturing industry is under a lot of pressure due to the short response times expected between suppliers and customers, both in purchase orders and payments.

  • Credit card information is protected with eComFax®
  • Manage the custody period of your faxes
  • Get eComFax® for multiple and connected departments.

Real Estate

Real estate agents often work on the fly, from the office or on the way to a visit, so they need to have a portable device from which to send and receive both emails and faxes.

  • Send faxes on the go through your mobile phone
  • Set multiple users in your eComFax® edition.
  • The transmission of your faxes is completely secure and encrypted with eComFax®.

eComFax goes further…

Easy to use

Intuitive and user-friendly design with a soft learning curve to start sending faxes straght away.

API Environment

Looking to integrate into your current system? Speak to us about how API integration can help benefit you. Making eComFax work harder.

More than just fax

Fax features depending on the security you need, sms and more to keep you better connected with your customers.

Safety and reliability

eComFax values the importance of your data, we guarantee the sending, receiving and archiving of your documents with security and traceability. Complying with multiple GDRP, Dodd Frank Act, FCA, MiFID II, PCI, HIIPA.

Keep you fax number

Bring your current fax number with you into eComFax with our simple porting process taking 2-5* business days or choose number from one of 8,000 cities worldwide in 50 different countries.

Corporate Options

Native integrations with ERPs and CRMs of common use (SAP, Navision, Dynamics, Salesforce, etc). Sending and receiving from multifunction machines, (Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, etc.).

Working remotley but still need access to fax?

Let us show you how to keep in touch with your Customer and clients without needing that office fax machine.